Standard Activities


IETF Internet-Drafts (On-going)

IETF Hackathon Activities

  • IETF 111 (Online) : Containerized Infra Benchmarking
    • Benchmarking packet loss rate with different acceleration technologies (VPP, OVS/DPDK and SR-IOV)
    • Cross-NUMA performance impacts
  • IETF 110 (Online) : Containerized Infra Benchmarking
    • Evaluating network performance based on vSwitch (OVS/DPDK and VPP) and virtual Interface (memif/vhostuser)
    • Container networking performance in Service Function Chain on a host
  • IETF 109 (Online) : Containerized Infra Benchmarking
    • Network performance measurement in a container environment configured with SRIOV and DPDK
    • Hugepage impacts to network performance
  • IETF 106 (Singapore) : Containerized Infra Benchmarking
    • Testing CPU isolation impacts for Kubernetes pods
    • Conitv-VPP Network performance measurement
  • IETF 97 (Seoul) : SFC (Service Function Chaining)
    • Hierarchical SFC with flow-stateful classifier using ODL
    • Controlling SF access to NSH using ODL
    • Support scheduling of SFC with calendaring using ONOS